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Who remember rockin this in their early years on the way 2 the hotel on a Friday night ? #Motel 9. 😎
- Desert Ghost -

Damn its hard to believe that we are hitting our 50's now
- Casey Jones -

Anyone still thumpin it 2020?
- Frank Spainal -

0:42 sipping purple chongo? Is that lean?
- James Peach -

I like this song because it was in the show “my name is Earl”
- The Notorious Loner -

Aka the pimp song
- Ricci420420 -

2019 145pm Jan 13 all day
- J C -

I’m sea walk-in to this in the gym right now... 🙅🏻?♂️such a dope song
- Jacob Richardson -

Pure michoacan! Y arriva la Raza.
- Eddie Esquiv -

Back when rappers would bop their head and rap nowadays they try acting gangster with ripped skinny jeans and tight tshirts
- S 2 da 685 11.12.11 -

At 52, I havent met a chick yet, that didnt dig this tune. It's a panty soaker.

I noticed he never talked about shootind nigas in the head or about having bunch of bitches..
- Walter Pena -

Lots of memories cruising in my El Camino bumpin this on the Kickers!!! Friends would be saying “play the jam that has the alarm beeping throughout the whole song!” 😂😂
- Mitchell Young -

Damn this song has been on YT longer than lil pumps fans have been alive
- 10,000 subs with no videos? i -

Are these Norteños ?
- Life Crazy -

This song makes wish I still had my Nissan with The snug top cut out all the way through like a van with fur from front to back and a bean bag chair to sit in with my 4 15 inch speaker slamming this shit hit so hard those where the good old days
- dexron -

2020 💘
- Sagg Cornio -
- The Club -

Woww me acuerdo cuando estaba en mi pais escuchava esta rola, era muy niño, no lo entendia pero me hacia soñar en grande, que algundia iva a estar en estados unidos, ahora estoy en estados unidos, y todos mis sueños se han cumplido, 20 años de sacrificios pero valio la pena, LOVE GOD WITH ALL MY HEART!!!
- E T -

2020 ?
- Xotaru Shidare -