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What a brilliant and beautiful song. I love Wales and I love the Welsh language. And I do understand. It breaks my heart but the English did to the Welsh. Human being is our strange lot was trying to destroy things That they don’t understand which are often far more beautiful and precious than what they already have. God bless Wales
- Bri-Anna Edwardine -

"This bit is in English so that you understand" Gwych
- Squimple -

Cymry = indigenous.
- Google Sucks -

Y problem ydy, nid cenedl fel yr Alban yw'r Cymry, ond llwythi torriedig sy'n cefnogi a'n werthfawrogi timau pêl-droed a rygbi yn fwy na'u tir, eu tud, eu hanes a'u hiaith.* The problem is that the Welsh are not a united nation like Scotland, but a band of divided tribes who support and find more significance in football and rugby teams than what they do their land, their countrymen, their history and tongue.
- Jacob Parry -

Can't say I've heard this on Radio Cymru.
Probly the lack of cynghanedd in the last bit.
- Reverend Howl -

A beautiful invitation to Welsh song.  Love the melodies and vocals and, of course, the beautiful lyrics in Gymraeg.
- Stefan Hearst -

Dylai fod acen grom (to bach) ar "gân" yn y disgrifiad a'r is-deitlau, ac ar "Fôn" hefyd.
- Perry R -

Sounds like he's singing in Icelandic.
- Benjamin Begovic -

fi cariad y gân! hwn yw fy ysbrydoliaeth i wrando ganeuon Cymraeg ac i ddysgu Cymraeg :)
- Bram van Steen -

Brilliant song. Gwych! I am English and living in Wales.  I absolutely love it!  Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg, so the lyrics are very helpful to me.  I love most things about Wales and especially the Welsh people, who have always made us feel very welcome.  We have been coming here for 38 years. I hope to stay here now until I die!  Dioch yn fawr for your music.  Well done!
- Ann Moore -

does enyone here speak welsh? i do
- Ceri Butler -

I love Wales but do not think they should have independence for their own good. Maybe more of a devolved government but not independence. That is just my opinion, though and I am open to persuasion.
- Margaret Thatcher -

I'd like to say something as someone who was born and raised in England: I'm rooting for you guys. :) I'd love to see Wales and Scotland gain independence and have their unique cultures and languages flourish again.

Welsh sounds like a tongue-twister as a language, but after hearing this song, I've grown to like it. Cymru am byth!
- Ryan Smith -

Alf Y Cofi Cont - Porno
- DebraJonesBlog -

- Paul Brooks -

What other outlet have we got to discuss this..apart from a few sites online... the media doesnt give a shit about the ppl of we have discuss things in secret on welsh songs

God bless Wales, Welsh language and Bryn Fon.
- szalard -

Gosh! Da chi gyd yn trafod economics pan ddylsa chi fod yn enjoio'r gan emeising ma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Sioned Griffiths xox -

theres a lot of myths about the welsh is the real subsidy junkie...we are funding a 3.5bn sewerage system in london.....with no cpmpensation with a thing called the barnett system....we being ALREADY underfunded 300 million
- Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd -

@DistantDreamer93 no its my little phrase I is not directed at you. sorry if you misunderstood me ;)