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A friend to all is a friend to none
- Saphyr Docius -

- Pornlover 666 -

Endbringer fight music.
- Geo Max -

We should have heard this in motorstorm apocalypse
- Becky Laffoon -

Das Ist Gut! Simon give analogies in which tohu wa-bohu means "bewildered and astonished" (mentally formless and void), referring to the Earth's confusion after, having been created simultaneously with the Heavens in Genesis 1:1, it now immediately plays an inferior role.
- Vetter Burns -

to-hu-va-vo-hu means "chaos" in hebrew :D
- Israeli BadAss -

Anyone in 2019
- Tanner Jackson -

1.25x 0:41 ooh
- thatscottish guy -

I have a feeling that if they could. The band of kfmdm would make a movie about civil war fought with swords and knifes instead of guns. Its literally show in a bunch of there albums. Knifes. Swords. Even a dictator playing the drums. Its as if they want to make a war movie with blades.
- Trent Morrison -

Godlike cool Erin and Dylan r GODLIKE and DOOM2 😈❀️🀟😍
- Mr Kara 51 -

The word "tohuvabohu" is derived from the biblical Hebrew phrase "tohu va bohu",Β meaningΒ "without form and void" or "chaos and utter confusion", which was used to describe the state of the earth before creation.
- Beanmachine91 -

KMFDM Sucks!!!
- My_Name_Is_Darc -

- Brett Augustine -

gotta love this band
- Tora Black -

For that lava level... you know the one.
- Jain Tech -

just YES
- Sebastien Gravel -

I crave this song !! love it πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
- Mili Nux -

- Ultima Magic -

Im sounds like he's screaming "TELL HIM I LOVE/LOATHE HIM"
- Richard Spillers -

Cant click on like... just dont want to kill the number... but its just awesome. Every time :)
- Frank G. Finster -