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I love love this song Kane Brown is awesome, I love his voice so hot
- Michelle Chapski -

I love this song 😍🥰
- Stevie Rae LeClair -

I love all his songs
- Bailey Downey -

best of all, kane brown and amazing the guy sings more hope he comes someday here in Brazil, since that song that had participation with fernando and sorocaba he didn't even come here.😀🙌 # BRAZIL LOVES KANE BROWN
- Deise candido albuquerque Albuquerque -

- Eric Winders -

Whats up fam👊
- FLY EAGLES FLY Peace85 -

Bin wegen Tik Tok hier.. :o Wer noch??
- Mr X GaMer osi -

The Best song for relax
- Power'S KiLL -

Lovers Like a RODEO
- Cierra Voll -

love this song!
- Kaydintz Caiazzo -

Tiktokers where you be at???????????
- My life is mine And no one else’s -

I just can't stop listening to your muisc
- Lucinda Williams -

There's 3 song on tiktok
- Elena Gilbert -

The funny thing is I didnt come from TikToc
- Hxrseツ -

- Tenielle Trudzik -

i love that and i do the dances with my bff and it woke at good and this is sooooooo gggggoooooooddddddddd.
and i guss you got this song from tiktok and like if you did
- luke duke -

Tik Tok
- Imade yamaha -

I’m tired of seeing “who’s here from tiktok?” No one cares if you’re here from tiktok
- bennett lane -

0:50 - 0:59 i think, possibly 2:27 - 2:35
- Madilyn -

Why are country songs always the best love songs
- Dream 13 -