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I've never been in love with a song as much as I I'm with this one.. great job kane! Best of luck to you and you family.
- fяєѕн χ нσтωιиgѕ -

Love the song went to your concert with the girlfriend for this song. She abouslety adores you. Keep up the good work
- Sarimran Nick -

Every body love Kane Brown song
- Kelly McBerry -

I like the rhythm
- Deanna Davis -

Is it bad that I knew almost every word before the song even came out😂
- Breanna Davis -

😄 I like this show
- gusp2280 -

I love this song Kane Brown
- Kelly McBerry -

He who likes me Kane Brown so please give him a subscription I all what you read Leb
- Denis Jurek -

He can’t put out a bad song😍
- Kaitlyn Morris -

I love you💕💞💖💗💓
- Dustin Allen -

Kane brown jus the new Sam hunt jus saying
- Jaun -

What u think kane brown and carry Underwood
- Michelle Garcia -

If I ever say I'm sick of Kane check me for a fever and take me to the hospital lol
- Barbra Doose - Hunsaker -

I love you Kane
Thanks for your music
- Nelle Couch -

- rachel lerlo -

Funny how non country this song is, but it has some country lyrics so people think it is country 🤣 love what it’s come to
- Yaboi86 -

Feels like my relationship with my beautiful gf Jesseca
- Daniel chainsaw lover -

Such a great song!!
- AbsoluteMdot -

play Pandora Kane Brown love is like a rodeo send
- Kelly Bauer -

- Justin Chadwick -