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Hope you enjoy this amazing new song from the very talented Halsey & Khalid produced by Benny Blanco! :) <3
- Gold Coast Music -

- Sheik Hanif -

"how 'bout friends and our enemies" is supposed to be "half our friends are now our enemies"

Good song
- Taehyung fans -

Jump in the sea not the seat 😅
- Lara lou -

- Ana Carolina Alves Neves -

I love this song wish the song was longer
- Kelly Mendoza -

There's this guy that i really like send me this song, can't stop listening since then...
- TheLostangel14 -

Ugly thin pedoz and ugly whores
- Stephanie Rodriquez -

Me and my fellow gnomes had to fight off trolls and witches, and our base got destroyed. Then I became popular again once I became a meme.
- You've Been Gnomed -

From the Bronx
- summer sun -

she is to meet me in the eastside...soo baby run away with me,,
- bishnu birbanshi -

This is my favourite song ♡
- Farzana Khanam -

Who wants to sing this with me
- Nick Brunner -

have old friends and know our enemies
- no name -

No GF for me Now =,(
- Raffi Adityawan -

- Luccas Oliver -

My old school teacher died today by an car crash...This made me burst crying
- Vekk -

This is my cousins fav song.....!!!

Can i be pinned?💕
- Nilda Docot -

Some of these lyrics are wrong...
- Zareya B. -