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God, I Luv This Song!!!
- Nicole Varnam -

I love this song my fiance is overseas and I definitely feel alone and helpless.
Thanks 3 Doors Down
- Cherie Bratton -

"And I know you feel helpless now, and I know you feel alone. That's the same road I'm on"
- BobRoss123 Ross123 -

Hunny sorry I am acting selfish ur right I love u
- tiffany nathasingh -

- Kelly Anderson -

So Keep it strait down the middle and don't drive but do school and got off that fucking road you idiots made for us to have to drive on but we refuse 2
- Katherine Shelley -

LINES YOU DON"T EVEN BOTHER TO SEE. I'm on a different road but everyone is driving the opposite direction...fucking bat shit
- Katherine Shelley -

I'm sorry I remember you going out with someone I don't want to see.
- Noorjan Hashim -

Sorry 🙏🙏🙏
- Noorjan Hashim -

I don't to say what all i wrong
- Noorjan Hashim -

Letting go... Of everything i ever wanted... Knowing its my fault its gone... Its alot to think about sometimes..
Love you Tesa, Calen & Lolo forever... 💔
- Pat Riot -

B n the best friend throw the card u gotta b the best friend now either we r done and better friends than ever or still together and u r using ur bes friend me to talk to about our problems so every ex especially my husband calls me up to talk or c shoulder to cry on. Yes I'm that cool chick not a jealous person hell watched him finish when cheated
- Sarah Keith -

- Wendell Cotham -

What happened to music that spoke the truth like this? Expressed emotion and pain and understanding. This is maybe the motion of society. And I don't want any part of it.
- Chevelle -

Yep definitely
- Jennifer Williams -

....will aus der fritz-blank raus....Du bist frei....kleine griechin.....
- Michael Kleinegesse -

It's very good. I still like this song.
- crispycritter223 -

If you ask me why i feel his way you would need a therapist
- fres#2 death -

- rm38358 -

I think I need to take a walk !!#rd#iam10min#
- Jodylynn Mobley -