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Sorry to be pissy but this guy just gives an opinion based off music theory, which is basically math. Bonham was a great drummer but he played these album sets in a recording studio, probably multiple versions with the producer. Bonham set the tone for future drummers as no one sounded like him. Great stuff but don't get too excited
- Patricia Shannon -

That's a very convoluted (and incorrect) way to explain Bonham's "Fool In The Rain" groove.

It's not a polyrhythmic beat. The hi-hat, kick, and snare are all playing quarter note triplets the same as in any given half-time shuffle (by the way, what the hell is a "swung" half-time shuffle?).

Bonham plays it with great feel though.
- Cyberfit -

i am not a drummer but i think he really is such a good drummer cause of this video
- eska 12 -

The drum beat in Fool in the Rain is a shuffle so its already played in 12/8, so the band is actually playing in the same time signature.
- Patrick Berg -

- Mitch -

Bro its just called a shuffle
- Jonathan Monk -

So I didn't really know much about Led Zeppelin before this video...Now I'm a Zeppelin fan
- Eli T-O -

What kind of imbecilic morons gave this vid a thumbs down???!! They know NOTHING about music !!!
- Kevin Rodgers -

6:55 - Thank you so much. I heard this mis-match when I was a teenager and knew it was deliberate but couldn't understand why.
- Andrew Goldstein -

Written music it's worst than math
- Andres Valdevit -

I teached him everything
- jizz us -

- Ricardo Iantas -

Bonham was in a class by himself. Not even Keith Moon could equal him. Neil Peart came close. Bonham = GOAT.
- Alexander George Tsakumis -

Bonham is now jamming with Neil 2 best rock drummers...................EVER!!
- David ish -

So good, they disbanded on his passing...
- Phillip MJ Bacon -

the name is "pivot".
- metalcircus -

I prefer Ian Paice Depp Purle
- luca capozzi -

This is when rock gods roamed the Earth!
- P F -

His son is great to Jason 👍 👍
- Kevin Youngblood -

- colin devine -