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X'cellent Gogo Penguin that I had the chance to see/listen live in the French Alps a couple of years ago, I keep a real neat souvenir of them, we talked about Japan after the concert and they were on the way to go there, I'm sure that they had a very warm welcome there. Lovely and very talented guys that I salute from France ;-)
- Tyler Forest -

that's genius ! simply amazing
- Nicolas Denis -

Introduction guy, you're allowed to blink yanno.
- Andy van Gelderen -

Try Vijay Iyer - the live studio recording of Human Nature (yep, the Michael Jackson song).
- Daveen Peterus -

Has that Van Halen "Right Now" getting psyched vibe.
- mados123 -

this drummer is fucking insane 🤯
- e n 9 9 9 j o y -

Like of brotcher
- Robert Kasprzyk -

this makes me desperate. what is the criterium that makes some musicians prize nominee and others not? doesn't seem like it's their music (yes, I am jealous but it's not about me this time)
- Fittingoff -

Oh man. Protest (22:21) blows me away. There's something so emotive about it. It's got so much frustration and hope bundled together, glued with anger and determination. It's like Rage Against the Machine, but in a version that even your grandmother might deem pleasing to listen to... and I definitely mean that as a compliment! Amazing musicians.

You go, GoGo Penguin. Go do more of this. <3
- vonoom -

- Jorge Quiroga -

sick shit
- Klingomann -

Thank you for this!
- Philip Bailey -

- D W -

YouTube recommended this. I recommend YouTube - good work. Good band these..
- Garste -

The best ever for elevator music!
- Paul marsh -

jeez this is good
- Julien Roy -

This is dope but it would be killer with a sax
- Alasdair Macintyre -

Good , but its no Giunt Steps
- jimmyjohntheEdgyone -

Oh, gee! I love this purity in music!
- Jorge Alegre -

Was that first song a cover of one of Robert Miles' songs?
- Greg Beazley -