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Pura magia
- Javier Cuesta -

Killing it! OMG
- OverlandTeaHouse -

Caraaaaaalho maluco... isso é uma das melhores coisas que ouvi nos últimos anos
- RockBrazucaTV -

sonzera da porra!
- Barbara Carvalho -

If these guys played a concert with The Bad Plus, the world would implode.
- FinneganFroth -

fresh night summer
- Roman Creativ -

mcfly et carlito <3
- riwal cabon -

- Milton Navarro -

pasado de lanza!!!!
- Milton Navarro -

Esses caras são fodas demais. sonoridade moderna e exploram muito bem os timbres e recursos dos seus instrumentos.
- Vinnie Dixie -

11:13 I can hear a wrong note, hahahaha such a newbie
return in his sad life
- No Doubt -

Great music! Thank you!
- Pasha Aeon Handpan maker & musician -

something from E.S.T.
- Riccardo Tecnico -

The bass solo sucks. Ok he is playing dozens of notes and timing and everything is right but still it sounds awful.
- Martin Martin -

как же это ахуенно!
- Максим Маркин -

I am a fan as of right now!
- mrcollins63 -

How the hell can you dislike this ?!
- Nadir Mimouni -

- K T -

takes me back to The Reign of Kindo a bit, havent listened to those guys in a good fe wyears
- Luis Morales -

Ok, wait. Wait. That bass player is ridiculously good.
- Martin -