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Stop clapping
- fastasfox -

Esto es hacer MÚSICA! Que bueno que hay jóvenes músicos que hacen arte, no porquerías regetoneras y vulgaridades de ese tipo, con estilo de pandilleros, tartamudeando como tarados y retorciéndose como enfermos de epilepsia... reflejo de una decadencia en el arte de hacer música.
- Marco -

What does it take for someone to come here and click on dislike? You obviously, for one, have to be a troglodyte, or your jazz band sucks dick and the envy running through your veins is incorrigible.
- exhainca -

They really do sound just as good live as they do on record. Increadible band!
- Conrad Dean Music -

These Cats are Cooking!!!
- Darryl Lamont -

- Алексей Кожевников -

- Michael Surikov -

- agaphonus -

Initiate, @17´30˝ unique distorsion on hi-hats, three sticks and tin patch... Awesome music!
- ales888 -

I've always liked their style of jazz fusion, nice and float'y piano and lots of energy from the drummer! great stuff from the Peng!
- Xtra Spice Mikey -

Superbe trio excellents musiciens !!
- Dan Mo -

amazing. really impressive!!
- Markus Nikowitsch -

soo nice!
- Mow 'Z Touch -

It's not good because it's almost for another musician-composer called "Dhafer Youssef" check it out
- Marcus Dahman -

Such a good vibes!
- Igor Gamarnik -
- Kat Mustanow -

i stumbled upon greatness. Amazing musicianship. Need more of this in the world! Bravo!!!!
- Rob Duffy -

That save by the bassist at 17:22 :D
- northatlanticdrift -

So damn good...
- BarbaraRB -

These guys rock! Just assumed they were at least using SOME loops, samples, or triggered clips the first time I heard them. Then I caught a video of them playing live...and I was simply blown away...
- ProckGnosis -