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I thought he should become progressive metal band's drummer
- Grapict Studio -

Your the rotten fruit in the family tree yeah !! Terrible james is just horrible !!
- jason Ashenden -

Le plus fou pour moi, c'est qu'il fait tout de mémoire et qu'il n'a jamais une partition qui traîne
- Pascal Franceschi -

this guy should join dream theater
- Shadow Monarch -

Alguma semelhança com Oficina G3?
- Guitar Man BR -

Plágio da banda Oficina G3 -Diz kkkkkkkkk zoeira kkkkk
- Sams Wanderson -

- Syn Marketing Beats -

He does look like mankind or dude love also mick Foley.
- Jack Alien -

The snare is tuned to A, Which is a Major 6th in the key of the song. How does the song not sound happy?
- theMetal973 -

Show o kra Manja✌🤘🤘✌
- Fabiano Paladino -

Damn, I miss portnoy on DT.
- Dan -

Mike Mangini disliked this 35 times
- Casey Mather -

Looks like Mick Foley so much from the side here... beast drummer... mike if u see this I’m a drummer who lives in the same town. Won’t name it on here. Starts with a C though lol. Man I’d love to play with u.. amazing
- Jordon Sowers -

- ton amaral -

Che Guevara on drums!!!
- Roy48MtL -

As a professional drummer for over 40 years I can say Mike is my fav not just because of his talent as a player, but who the hell can write parts like that?? wtf?
- Kirk McWhorter -

he's like hans grubber

T.N.T= Mike Portnoy 👍
- Carlo Barbe -

4:57 a 5:04 is my favorite transition to a heavy part of a song ever.
- Chlori's Art -

Esta parte es épica 6:24
- Diego Pelozo -