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Not watched the vid,just started typing. No RC car will ever reach 202mhp
- gary murphy -

- matthew piggott -

My uncle has a camera on his drone which make you able to see like your in the drone with goggles on, you should put one of those in your rc
- Melvin The Rooster -
- Carlos Andrés Díaz -

Suscribe to mu Chanel
- Carlos Andrés Díaz -

Hey I have a challenge for you try to set the record going backwards with that rc car of yours it will probally be hard
- Brxken Hearts -

Lmao 202mph! Wtf.

4:00 At first I thought that was a toy grade like $30 RC car it looks cheap
- Central RC -

what abaout those horses at 1:09?
- Thu Nell Ⓥ -

- Pritpal Singh -

1:45 🤯
- khalil x -

Love the video but
- Jermaine Hurlock -

RC destroys 600hp mustang on a real Dragstrip 8th mile. 5.1@111
- Motor Toys -

This is better than porn....
- Jason Pritchett -

Irishman: "It drives me nuts!"
- Richard Johnson -

Put a camera on that thing for 1st person
- M H -

Looks only like 70+ or 80 something mph will never be "*200+*"
- Spacezyshxt X -

If you made a jump aimed at somebody’s window it would be deadly 😬. As of hitting somebody’s ankles or anything else isn’t deadly enough!
- Blake Haasch -

Cooles Video. Wie lange hast du am motor justiert?
@UnboxingPower das ist mal ein richtiger racer - kein vergleich zu eurem aktuellen testvideo
- VIB1986 -

This is that old Mac beat from master p no limit