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“I’m allergic to chocolate”
uses cocoa lotion
- Jude Alsnih -

Perfume is more important than a car
- sk8 TV -

He is a mood
- Brianna Lopez -

we all know the vasoline isn’t for his skin

Where's the pop tarts?? Haha protect uzi at all costs

- Peace Sells -

If somebody described anything tasting good to me and they said 0:44
I’m not sure if I’d trust it 😂
- Trey Saliento -

Uzi one ugly m.f
- jfitness -

But for real how did he get so tall
- BlueGhost 169 -

He wears woman's perfume and deodorant.
- bay area415 -

Big up buju 🇯🇲🇬🇾
- Demar Moore -

Uzi is 5 inches
- Grunkster -

It taste like powder and baking soda
- Radwan -

Uzi looking really healthy
- André Dias -

You know what uzi's Grandfather always said to him before his success?

Halt dich bedeckt
- HotWestSide -

I love him I love him I love him
- Ells G -

I have that exact Bic and it saves me every time
- Slobslobslob -

Clipper is better to the bic
- matteo italiano -

i actually bought those little bites they are fire
- TEN -

This guy spent like 5 bucks for deodorant and 1 grand for blanket. We coo
- Amirul Anaz -