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This is a feel-good song
- April Bitar -

I love song, 2020 Taylor Swift ❀❀
- Jor Acosta -

The happiest time ever for her
- Kimsophorn Hor -

Was this about Tom, Harry, Paul or James?
- David Bosquette -

How clean was that πŸ’›
- L. E. -

She don't need autotune.

- 孙杨 -

why is she so cute when she sings?
- Ian Vargas -

She actually has talent
- Andy Pallas -

- Thwn Dok2 -

I am crazy for Taylor voice
- Zanul Abideen -

<3 love this song
- Fatima Tahmin -

I like her shirt and boots
- Harley Swift -

its sounds like the real song!! that is a sign that she is AMAZING!! not many people sound as good as that live!!! i am a huge fan!!
- Mila RUSSEK -

my random 3am thought be like β€œ god I really love her”
- Alexia Phantomhive -

She looks like she's having so much fun.
- Alyza Kashif -

😘😘😘 nice
- Jaime Esplana -

shes really beautiful, on the ranks of the most beautiful movie stars and women in the planet... coupled with talent and her ineffable magic!
Biggest Crush!!! Along with Scarlett Johansson
- Day EvansPitt -

she looks tired but happy
- Jasmine Zharifah -

Every move by her is calculated. From her backstage singers' dancing to her facial expressions as if she planned everything before performing. I wonder if her practice performances look as same as real performances. I love the way she is perfectionist.
- Kosha Patel -