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My analysis of Aaron Kitcher - Drummer of Infant Annihilator - playing "Cuntcrusher" and "Decapitation Fornication".

I hope this observation on Aaron Kitchers drumming helps you figure out for yourself which of his skills at the drum kit would be interesting for you to practice.
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- Marthyn Jovanovic -

You are the only worthy and knowledgeable drum reviewers out there. The others are just snobby duchbags which say wow, wow when they face the quality and intensity of deatm metal drumming. Cheers!
- Vlado Matoski -

Maybe that's just what works for him when playing so that's why he plays like that.

Infant what ? What the hell is the name of the band ? Kinda strange
- chaps -

You missed the 32nd notes on the bass in cuntcrusher! That was the only reason I clicked on this video, to see if you discussed that part >.>
- Aurelius R -

Can you stop the video 500 more times plz. You havent quite ruined the entire video yet
- Kezza 69 -

The thing about IA is that they're purposely extreme like this on more of a joke basis.
- Business Cat -

Did he using trigger?
- tomboteko lorolungo -

The kick pedal two ways to kick it will help my Rockband game big time. Thnx
- DR6 Fiddy -

triggers are the worst
- gnarxy -

Your videos are very interesting even for me who isn't playing drums.

I'd love to see you reacting on Adam Jarvis of Misery Index. ;)
- Toni Robinia -

Great analysis! Best “drum teacher reacts”!
- ElLenadorLA -

I'm 10 and I drum like that not to. Brag
- Janet Stedry -

What's the name of his kit in the 2nd video?
- Tenzeter One -

its really good this 'superior drummer' snare sound
- Fernando Arouche -

- Tommy'sTenToneHammers -

Official status: EDITED
- Byron Branch -

Um hello!? Gravity Blasts!!??
- ms1914 -

For a second I thought you were gonna review him playing in the leaves and stumps lol
- Brendon Balow -

Does look a bit like Joey jordison
- Niko -