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a real classic
- Leo.O -

- Nazym Spandiyar -

Besser als die schei*e von heute bin übrigens 14
- PYRONaischen #08.12.17 -

Railroads look like the Brachial Plexus of Nerves that operate your fingers.
Duane Gruber
- derdagian1 -

Wasn't this plagiarized by a eurodance group called X-Perience. The song is called Neverending Dream.
- 2thpic -

even in 2020, as a lgbtqa person, this song is so impactful, beautiful, but painful to listen to. I can only bear to listen to it a few times a year even though I've adored this song since I was like 2 years old
- Hannah -

Por esta razón el corona virus no debe acabar con la humanidad , ❤️❤️❤️
- Juan Leon -

Everyone 2020: 80's were the best
Me seeing this video: Damn, life was bleak
- Jebediah Clang -

Danke Arschloch speerr mir gm
- Gerhard Mayrhofer -

Big Jimmy.
Quanto mi manca la musica anni '80.
- riccardo bordina -

- Paulo Goncalves -

yeau but they shared an apple. gross
- White00t -

yeah, I am feeling the same way at age 58... I remember!
- John Arthurs -

- Igor Masi -

Nie mam tak elastycznej kory by być poliglotą.
- mruk01771 -

- holdontight /itscoming -

Hey YOU ! Yeah you, scrolling through the comments and wondering why you
feel warm but the the hair is standing up on the back of your neck.
It's ok to feel something, this song was written from the heart and
that's where you are meant to feel it.
Be glad....
- paul -

I was a wonderful dancer in those days 💋💖
- danielle -

Belle chanson de ma génération
- Mustafa Bayrak -

- Wouters Emmanuel -