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- Fluidified -

Couple of your mixes got me through some heavy substance abuse and with that, some very long nights. Listening now is almost nostalgic. Thank you.
- aChronicCareBear -

Dolphins hands out the window....
- Me -

excellent mix! thx
- 10100003 -

- Robert no[Jack] -

Убойная музыка. Переслушивать можно вечно. Спасибо такому чувственному автору!
- Георгий Юрьев -

it's a tragedy this amazing mix has been invaded by ad interruptions. :'(
- Emily Miller -

This is the best mix I've found and I've been searching hard over the years
- playbak -

Ads have ruined this video for me. Used to lull me to sleep, now it rudely keeps me from dozing off. Sigh.
- Josh Erickson -

0:52:00 OMG YES 😍🙃
- M -

The nExow Natural Sensations part at 25:55 is simply beautiful. It came on while I was stressed and mellowed me out. Love this mix...
- Sean Hedgecock -

That intro..... that is the sound of pure beauty.
My spine is a wave of chills right now 😌
- Mel Haines -

7 ads?? For real?
- Gen Speaking -

still listening top this in 2019
- Audrey Lebas -

I love these kinda chill music. So peaceful. I feel like walking on the clouds. I like to imagine i am walking on the streets of Europe
- Khin Thiri Kyaw -

Thank you very much for your music and video.! 💓
- Виктория Алексеева -

I miss my baby...💔
- Happy New Year -

Thai food??!!!!
- Vinay Lobo -

- MissFaye2U -

I remember this wonderful mix about 6 or 7 years back. I was serching for it! Amazing I found it and I am in love again.
- Maja S -