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- Sonali Chauhan -

I spill spit soda out when he says “will someone plz tell whoever braids his head “ lmaoooo
- Ethan Bakalars -

Rules to battle em:

1.What the fuck are you reading this for? You dont need a reason to not diss him. Thats why your on this fuckin video.
- Michael Bravo -

Y’all : Who’s yal?
- Toxic recover -

mans pullin off that the way i am flow so easily
- M A A D -

benzino is the bigger noname than drake lol
- Richard Löwenherz -

Yes I’m listening to this in 2020
- Eminem Fan -

Man, Em was in his prime here. So powerful. Perfect cadence.
- Emanuel Aračić -

It's weird hearing em make fun of someone for being old
- Golden_Left_Nut -

Em was spitting 🔥🔥🔥 flame thrower mouth
- Chris Anderson -

Coming up it never mattered what colour you was if you could spit then you could spit that’s it that’s what it was
- jamie brown -

Lyrical Murder
- Nocturne King1 -

Em straight murdered this shit I remember when I 1st heard this trying to put on my Mp3
- Eric Redhouse -

One of My favourite diss records 🔥🔥 don’t listen when your mad you’ll probably end up in jail
- Joey Bobby -

shout out to paul rosenberg for treating this man right
- Ainsley Walker -

oof, man that song was brutal to benzino's supposed career
- Mark -

Eminem prime right here... U can put the way I am, soldier and that guy would eat your soul.
I wonder if MGK diss him in this time...
- LIFE is infinite -

Öğreticem moruk örgülerini elime sarıp
- Mr Ultra -

- Don Antoine -

when did it came out?
- Natã Moretti Jardim -