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Same same but different 💙🐧
- Reema Ameer -

cumtown lol
- Hassan Farooq -

Internet is an amazing invention, wait it's a time machine
- Fikhri Amin -

Nice song
- Nonrev Nosnibor -

After hearing that the the lead singer ended up not marrying the girl this song is about; I am still glad he wrote it.

The only part of the story that is different for me is that I ended up marrying the blue eyed girl who says she loves me. We’re still deeply passionate and in love, have three wonderful boys, and a blast being together most days. Our commitment to each other is for life, no matter who that makes uncomfortable or upset.
- 316350 -

Ah, the 90s. I finished high school, college, became an adult, got my first real job, traveled around the world, had my heart broken a few times, ...
- erad67 -

I remember listening to this CD in my Walkman while snowboarding at Sugar Mountain, NC Ski Resort, those were the days!!!!
- mtnman77 -

Ten stars from me, this song was one of my childhood favorites!!!! 🎸 I love Jesus Christ, and I love my Rock music too!!!!😇🙏
- Poly Princessa Doll -

I just discovered Tonic as im done with my usual spotify playlist, need to see more HD live videos, please!
- Centaur Montano -

I'm not here to make a confession or to tell you I lost somebody important to me. I'm not here to tell you how much I miss the 90s or that this song reminds me of my childhood. I'm not here to say how much my heart hurts from being damaged by another! I'm not here to tell you.... wait why am I here? Oh... good song!
- The Darker Web -

Mummy loves Ambrosia Nicole ! :) ♡♡♡
- Misha -

I thank God i grew up in the 80's and 90's. 2 of the best decades ever.
- MizerisMoney -

the video low key looks like a horror film
- honey strawberry -

My favorite "Secretively Gothic" song by Tonic
- jrkradik -

7.2k couldn’t only hear
- Josue Rafael Valbuena Huerta -

Truly an iconic song.
- Ryan Campbell -

I didn't know Lewis C.K. could sing
- Jay Dawg 84 -

My wife made the horrible decision to use meth, 6 years and countless fights later I had to get out. It's just not recoverable. The damage is to bad. If you could only see the way she loved me, that's why I fought to make it
- Ethan Hunt -

Tv's and music that lasted.
- Ariane Sery -

They don't make music like this anymore.
- Morpheus Fishburn -