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ok i know i am late to say this but..... RIP chester or LINKIN PARK plz live a peacful life up there i beg for this god plz
- matt munden -

Warner Bros. Pictures should distribute and make a biopic film about Linkin Park and frontman Chester Bennington’s life & career. Who else Linkin Park fans agree?
- Montravius Daniel -

- Calet Aldhair Correa Figueroa -

Medal of honor
- Qassem Telfah -

He is alive in our heart ❣️
- Sani Rui Das -

we are still waiting for your new song Chester, we miss you, we miss Linkin Park :(
- lakshyajeet malik -

You were never a crack in the castle of glass. You were much more - one of the lights.
- shadman sakib -

- Tiffany Rios -

Boohoo, poor american soldiers dying in there duty carpet bombing dozen of fathers, mothers and children in other countries. :(
- Waffenwerfer -

Their songs were about real inner demons and we all feel them , rip Chester
- SPYD3R -

Miss u 😏
- Merve gΓΆren -

The photoshop is dead, the producer should be executed in public πŸ˜‘
- Sohaib Mussa12 -

2019 and i crying again
- sou o ph -

I am
- Ε tΔ›pΓ‘n Kajzar -

A perfect example for a MasterpieceπŸ”₯
- Cap-Tomo -

Epstein case is making the castle of glass fall down, Chester knew exactly what he was doing
- uRi Barcelona -

- Francesco Innocenti -

he would never scream, and cry, or release his family, he just knocked u what to to, and i think the bandleader knows it
- Umbrella Corporation -

He freed his selve , he told us what to do
- Umbrella Corporation -

Legend never dies....R.I.P. Chester
- Pramod Jumbade -