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The vídeos in the 80's and 90's no offense always been fantastic and original. That creativity has lost actually
- Christian Chica Hoyos -

Long life 80's
- Christian Chica Hoyos -

twisted sister made 1/2 part of our childhood thanks twisted sister without you spongebob wouldnt save bikini bottom
- Eesh SinGer -

Twisted Sister loved Spongebob so much that they've covered the Goofy Goober song!
- The Contest Of Asking Non-Sensical Questions -

"WHAT KIND OF A MAN DESECRATES A DEFENSELESS TEXT BOOK?" A question I shall be asking myself on my death bed.
- NoxVok -

Best Quarantine ever :)
- FTM Graphics -

I love how the music videos for this and "were not gonna take it " are Twisted Sister just beating the shit out of the same guy for being an asshole
- Annoyed_Platypus -

- Axel Mena -

Jesus H Christ... That shit the teacher said would land you out of a job so fast today. How things have changed...
- Diana Winters -

im a goofy goober
- Alicia Hernandez -

So, Jordan Peterson is trying to kill a punk rock Bruce Jenner with a grenade? Is that the truth that's been hidden from me this entire time?
- Samūl -

3:16 the true meaning of headbanging
- Anton Antov -

99% of people here: SpongeBob

Vice City
- i'm a cup -

The poor textbook
- That very random guy -

What do you want to do with the rest your life? Classic
- lonnie hester -

Soy un cacahuate
- Deidara Kamisuro Uzumaki Uchiha -

Me: starts listening

Also me: starts scrolling three the comments

Me: wait a minute
- Kadyn R D -

Why didn't they do the hubble-a-dubble-a-bubble-a part?
- killer murderer -

Soy un Cacahuateee!!... Nosotros somos cacahuates!!.. Cacahuate, cacahuateee!
- Luis Castilla Suarez -

Man those were the days of good music all we have now is crap hip hop and shitty kpop
- spondon kashyap -