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- majid hashemi -

Im getting goosebumps this track is so good.
- L C -

Namaste..7 chakras..Real Eyes realize Real Lies...Awake to your true Self..OM PARABRAHMAN
- Awareness ॐ -

On LSD it's glorious
- Türko-Farsi Stoner -

Astrix for the president of India
- Rohit Das -

3:55 - chuj :) ( in polish : dick )
- Mark Foxx -

- Андрей Рязяпкин -

you are executing his soul❤❤
- Mis Fit -

3:17 ואוווו
- Nerya Swed -

Damn , i love Psytrance ♥
- Deejay Boubak -

I don't know why but I immediately thought of those robot ninjas from Mortal Kombat Annihilation. lol...
- Toad Milker -

Acid Trip : 😵🤪👽😈🥵😱🥶😨🥴🤩
- Yavuz Selim Özmen -

Astrix the only one king maker 😍😍😍
- Mohan Kumar 31 -

Dear Being, If you wish to be FREE from any suffering, Please🙏🙏 Read till the Last Word !!! Something Remarkable is going to happen within You.
Know that you are Worthy of Abundance, Joy, Love and Everlasting Happiness.
Follow the Simple Instructions Slowly :-
--------------------------------------- BODY ------------------------------------------------
Raise your left Hand, look at it and keep it RAISED, Now feel the sensations coming from the Hand, the Air sensations Maybe, Heat Sensations may be, Notice the Aliveness within the Hand,.................................... Notice Are you looking at the Hand or your hand looking at you - Be Clear.

Now Notice your breath,............................... dont control it, let it flow and notice the sensations within the nose or its sound.
Now take a Deep breadth,...................... see who took the Deep breadth, who observed the Deep Breadth and Who observed the Gasp, how YOU took control of your Body within a Second. Are you breathing or Breath could happen on its own ??

Keep Reading. 👍 Your own Mind doesnt want you to. Bear with Me.

----------------------------------------- MIND -----------------------------------------------
Ask while you are Reading, where are you hearing the voice of what you are reading ?
If you are one person, then how could you hear the voice in your head, how could you be the voicing and witnessing at the same time ?
Ask Without Speaking, within your Mind RIGHT NOW, " Who Am I" ?............" Who Am I" ?............." Who Am I" ?..........without verbally speaking.
Now Recognize who is Witnessing the words.................. and you are not even Speaking.............. How is it Possible ??? How could you be Two Suddenly sitting apart from your Thoughts.........

Keep Reading. 👍 👍 Something within will start to Force you look down on other comments because it is getting threatened as you are reading it more and more.
----------------------------------------- CONNECTING ----------------------------------------------
If you could witness your Breadth - "The Life Force of your Body", If you could Witness your Mind - "The Thoughts , The Emotions, The Memories, The Intellect, then Who the Hell are You ????????? You thought you were the Voice in your Head but YOU could at the same time watch/Witness your Thoughts then YOU are definitely the Thoughts, Similarly Emotions, Similarly Intellect and Similarly not the Memories.
How Does a Water Look Like ??.......................Now you Saw Water within your Head, Who Saw the Image ??????????
YOU are not the MIND since you must be Separate and have to be Above the MIND to WITNESS it. Similarly YOU are not the BODY since YOU are the one witnessing the Breadth and can anytime take charge of it.

Keep Reading. 👍 👍👍You are close
Now YOU are connecting the DOTS and things are starting to become clear but to who are they becoming clear to ?? and by which tool are they becoming Clear with ?????..........................this tool is know as INTELLECT or INTELLIGENCE, since YOU are using this tool then YOU must be Beyond it, isnt it .............and YOU are

WHO are YOU ????????? WHO am I ??????????????................................

YOU are the LUMINOUS EMPTINESS. YOU are the MIRROR in which Image(Mind)arises and Disappears.
I AM the UNBOUNDED AWARENESS. YOU are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL Being living in Human Form having Seven gates/Chakras

Witness it and Be FREE Immediately in this Moment. Let the knowledge: “I am Awareness Alone” be the sword that frees you.
Liberation is HERE and NOW, Right NOW, not in Next Moment. There are no Moments Actually, it just seems so.

Recognize the Truth Right Now, Right Here while your are Reading because something within doesn't want that to happen and try to Delay the Liberation. It will give you Hundred reasons like i will read this later fully when i will be Free, I am not understanding it, or keep you stuck in Meditation Routine, etc.
Dont listen to the voice on your Head

Simply Burn🔥 the illusions by shining the light of consciousness. (How to Shine the light ? - By directing the Attention towards the Being that is within. Ask "Who am I" till you get the correct answer. (Hint : it's not the Voice in your head but beyond that)) .

May you find the Joy of being.
Love and Blessingss to every Being on the Planet and Beyond !!!!
Now thank the GRACE which lead you to read till the end because without GRACE you couldnt have read it.
May there be Mass Awakenings ! 🙏
Remember the Nature of False/Illusion is such that it SEEMS True but Actually it isn't. Just like Mirage effect. "Seems"(Maya) is the keyword.
- PreciseWise -

- Filipe Olivo -

Có ai Việt Nam không ta
- Nguyễn Phương Tuấn -

🇹🇷god a dj🇹🇷
- mesut gezici -

- Lucas Matheus -

Se é loko, que som é esse meu Deus!!!
- Eduardo Furtado -

I loved the idea
- יעקב בראשי -