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im here after watched Bobby in KBS Cool FM
- Dinar Kartika -

I listen to this song so i can hear something my parents have never said
- Klonoa fan -

Me I love this song you this shi get my hype when I playing 3s I be poppin off

Me and the boys at 3am playing 2k: PROUD OF YOU, PROUD OF YOU PROUD OF YOU PROUD OF YOU
- Rider -

NBA 2k20 put me on
- RNF Gwop isaiah -

2k20 brought me here, who else ?
- Melly Oh yeah yeah -

I honestly thought the first verse sounded just like Young Thug too
- Eric Smith -

Song is so underrated
- Idle Bystandard -

i’m proud of you, prada you prada you 🔥
- Davis Burris -

very rare i find a 2k song i dont get tired of hearing in the game
- moe abdel -

- Jelani Woodson -

everyone here from 2K20 🔥
- Tayy TV -

If you here from 2k like
- Ylayzos -

those look like tarot cards kinda
- Dylan Watts -

Who here not because of 2k
- Jake -

This music is made for shrooms
- stoner Mkay -

When you win an championship in 2k and this plays right after you exit out
- Heat -

Shit if this is in 2k20 now I gotta get this.
- Hymw -

Best song on 2k20
- Larry Hulett -

I’m Proud of you Kobe and GiGi, we’ll see you again
- C L -