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I have no idea why so many people diss on the vocals. They're spot on with the emotion on the instrumental. Perfect, in other words.
- ThyVile -

Meh the vocals fit pretty well IMO, reminds me of early Pianos Become the Teeth.
- hussguy1990 -

Like the instrumentals a lot, but the vocalist doesn't quite fit
- MovieCore -

The vocals are pretty decent actually. The guy is clearly passionate.
- Kenjuu -

I don't know why, but I think these vocals are beautiful. Exactly the style I'm looking for. A lot of people don't understand the music and just say it's bad. Well than go back to your metalcore-clean-smooth-low-pitched-emotionless screams.
- MiiLkyToKes67 -

Departures is great. Love this shit!
- roope poikela -

they can suck dick better too
- tgi ira -

One of the best bands I've heard for years. Just when I thought all the good bands were gone I found Departures :)
- VaJoKamp -

This goes to show that screamo is far from dead.
- Jonathan Fraser -

Your opinion isn't right. Your opinion doesn't matter. Its a different style of vocals. Get over it, and go away. You don't belong here.
- MiiLkyToKes67 -

Depatures smashing it, all you little melts can suck out!
- Cal Evans -

ok dude, go listen yankee pop-punk shit
- C.Aguilar -

They're pretty bad.
- Berubetto-sama -

Reminds me of When We Fall.
- NathanJ Rodey -

Hahahaha. No.
- Duvet Cape-Man -

No, they aren't.
- Duvet Cape-Man -

I love this.
- JoGtrackriff -

Yeah, the vocals are very terrible to be honest.
- Berubetto-sama -

Cool story bro
- ReprogrammedToHate -

BFMV can scream better than him
- michael hearn -