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I'm in love with this mix, but... Can you upload the file to another file hosting site? On Mediafire, it says there's been some copyrighted songs D;
- sweet torture -

ohh yea it DEFINATELY does!! how can we download your version? your Ep 3 is unavailable on media fire ..
- Sachin Mathur -

cant...stop...listening.... vital please make more liquid dubstep mixes im in love with them :D
- Mushi98 -

vital? help? Permission Denied. This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire. You may try searching for this album on Amazon If you own the rights to the work, please submit a ticket. Click here to view our help resources
- 340doc -

The last song <<3

Loving the mix! But I can't download it. MediaFire keeps telling me its copyright protected :(
- Ollie de Kretser -

That is so cool. Thanks vital. You are the best.
- pelagos123 -

Upload Dabin ft. Daniela Andrade - Tell Me liquid verson please :D
- ThePotterKIR -

Tracklists FTW. ;D
- Crown Glo -

He speaks :o
- David Bradfield -

Can you upload your chillstep edit of Dabin - Tell Me?
- Ploppy -

this is Mr. suicidesheeps playlist in a mix lol x)
- DQime -

How can i explain how free minded i am right now. This makes me happy
- Kevin Rivera -

DAMN 32:25 is the best part!
- RenderDistance -

- Thepeacekillz -

fuck we love dubstep <3
- Coo Schöpfer -

is there a download link for the edit version? :o shit I love it
- Ozarkii -

Just Google translate my friend...
- Nost -

Dat Quitar!!
- Daniel Lemus -

- Wayne1968 -