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I listened to this so much in 2012...and I just want to say I still occasionally give this mix a rinse even now in 2019 and I love it just as much as I did when I first heard it. Thanks Vital.
- Darz -

Kind of wish i could find the Liquid Dubstep version of Tell Me. Like the one in this video. Can't find it though sadly.
- Benjamin Goh -

They took it down
- LateAdrenaline -

Ela não anda, ela desfila, ela é top, capa de revista, ela é mais mais e arrasa no look tira foto no espelho pra postar no facebook.
- Moonlit -

Can I Use This Please?
- Divi -

- Divi -

Fetch - Sun For Days
- Chron -

Probably Grizzly, because they are so good.
- CrapImGud -

What's the song with the acoustical guitar that starts around 6:42? Love it!
- Team Dubstep -

Grizzley all the way.
- DreamR -

- theronlikesit -

Agreed! Flamenco guitar is magic in that part
- Jake Douglas -

Love the instrument
- DatSmega -

6:40 Nice part
- DatSmega -

This first mix makes you feel alive...volume up to the max, HD, and your eyes closed just listening to the mix
- DatSmega -

Best sex music ever!! Loving this shit right now.
- Jake Douglas -

- David West -

Grizzly. ;3
- RitualofPonies -

Blackmill <3
- AlwaysTokin506 -

Vital can you please reup?
- Tavis Mountford -