Your cats asshole looks like its flipping me off. Love the videos.
- Clappin Cheeks -

The best part of the video is the cat trying to play with the beaters! 😹😻

I liked those Rubber beaters, but a friend of my used them and said that they always stuck on his drum head when he rest the beater on the head. Is this true?
- Fabi Firen -

Your cat wants some loving. 😘😹
- Aunty Semite -

Thank you for a wonderful lesson in Beater types. I am a female drummer and want to get better. Your videos and cats are awesome!
- SHE STUDIOS [Sheila] -

Great videos man :)
- Steel String Strangulation -

Yabancılara ders veriyorsun Türklere vermiyorsun anlamıyoz reis ingiliçcemiz yok
- Burak Çağatay TEKATLI -

your cats made this video so much more entertaining haha
- Luis Briones -

next video 08.03.2019 or 03.08.2019?
- AATHMA ! -

I haven't logged into youtube in ages, but I just had to, only to subscribe to your channel.
Love your quality content, keep up the great work.
- Virtuelles Brot -

Black Tooth kariyerin hayırlı olsun, ciddi ciddi heyecanlıyız, başarılar.
- Çağatay Buvan -

Dear Arslan, i have a problem with my electronic drumset. When i'm making single stroke, i can hear an extra stroke caused by rebound.
I'd glued thin sponge on bass pad and it solved this problem. But in this case i'm loosing some stokes when i'm playing double strokes.
Is it problem of my drumset or in my technique?
- Denis Bek-Nazarov -

Give us more cats! Thank you! Interesting video
- Denis Bek-Nazarov -

Hello sir. Please see if you have any suggestions for me to fix my slave pedal let me know. I bought a double bass pearl p932 demonator pedal. I have tried adjusting it so many times I even bought a trick universal drive shaft for it but the sleeve pedal feels way heavier than the right pedal. I can’t afford to buy new pedals so any suggestion to correct the problem please let me know. Thanks and have a great day

Your Lesson is awesome!!
- J J -

Loving your videos. Just one question though, isn't the Axis Sonic Hammer surface Delrin plastic and not metal?
- Steve Rix -

Yine güzel ve faydalı bir video :) Bir sonraki video neyle ilgili olacak ve ne zaman gelecek ? :)
- Göktürk Altıntaş -

Great stuff! I was wincing with the metal beaters that you might break the bass head
- benniez14 -

Türkçe konuş

Great video👍 I like the Tama Accustrike beaters
- CrystalLake84 -