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Greatest Hits of Atlantic Records ➤
- Atlantic Records -

This is like the national anthem for all the 90s kids.... those old days way so much better
- Andrew Cheng -

I still sorry for not being perfect dad!
- Benjack Fariolan -

Back when kids doesn’t have fake depression drug addiction and hoes shaking just pure talent
- Exit Life -

I'm surprised cut off khakis haven't made a comeback. 😐
- aveuch -

2020 and I still relate to this song. Now more than ever. I dedicate this song to my mother. It’s only gotten worse throughout the years.
- T̶h̶e̶ u̶n̶d̶e̶a̶d̶l̶o̶s̶t̶b̶o̶y̶ -

Está canción la conocí a mis 12 años, ahora tengo 29 y digo que crecí en la última etapa de escuchar grandes canciones, ahora todo los ritmos son iguales, gracias destino por ser parte de aquella generación de oro
- Hugo Saldaña -

Algum BR 🇧🇷 em 2020 ?
- JD Dan -

Me sinto tão satisfeita por ter vivido essa época 🧡. Apesar dos pesares minha infância/adolescência foi ótima.
- Edith Noah -

Coming from angrypicnic channel
- Javier Quiroga Almeida -

To the friends that I can't seem to talk to at this day in age, read these lyrics my friends. You were never forgotten about. Love you all.
- C P -

This song depicts reality of now. I was a young adult when it came out... Still relevant right now when I have kids.
- Daniel Chirchir -

jeff chang was here
- World Peace -

Very Nostalgic😘
- hersheys gatang -

2020 now but I love this song until now ♥️
- Jade Coronel -

I can relate to this song even it's 2020
- Chocolate Vanilla -

Vim pelo Deni

Alguém Br?
- Ilma Avelino -

Essa música é tão linda que nunca deveria deixar de ser ouvida 😭😍♥️04/07/2020
- Arlete dos Reis Fernandes -

thats alot of whine.
- Bryant Moore -

2020 anyone?
- Jeela -