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Year 2003 to na release kasabay sa numb ng linkin park at bring me to life ng evanescence
- Brann Jofran Boyboy -

- Joyce Maria -

I'm 25 and my teen angst is bringing tears to my eyes....
- Cecilia Marsh -

26 mei 2019. Indonesia sukaaaaaa banget
- Meiyora Christy -

Guitar chords here. Click this:

- MoyBien -

Guitar chords here. Click this:

- MoyBien -

perfect 2019
- bigo live channel -

Music died around 2010/12.
- EJ 22G -

I remember this song. When i was child 💓
- Rolliber Bungabong -

Anyone 2019
- Arimas Rustom -

si o no pier ? saludos karnal un abrazo hablando de lizeth medina ya sabes
- Karla Aguirre -

Quien escucha este temaso hoy 25-mayo-2019
- Christian Cortes -

- Marina Jobis -

Dear someone...
Do you know? with my imperfection you always trys to be perfect for me. thankyou~
And thanks for recommended these song!
- Beststinsi Ngongoloy -

Just because you cant be perfect doesnt mean you should continue to fuck up others lives as a excuse improving doesnt perfect you it makes a better person
- FoxKingLD -

Being 80's and early 90's kids was a bless
- laladidosa khawlhring -

Just now while listening again to this song, I'm crying af. This song just suits me so much. Like rn, me and my dad aren't in good terms. I rly wanna sing this song to him.

Dad, I'm so sorry if I'm such a disappointment to you and I'm sorry I can't be perfect.
- No Sana No Laifu -

My inner middle school emoness is scream singing to this song 😭
- Farley H -

When music was good and real...
- I am the one -

podem falar o que quiser mas essa musica do simple plan era boa sim
- Ikari Shinji S l y o n i x -