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01:13 basist keep smile but ...🤣
- Rizal Ingut -

Can I just get one concert where the microphone DOESN’T get sexually assaulted?🤣
- DarkSunshine111 -

Dave is an absolute monster on the drums, really was the final piece of the puzzle for the band
- Kyle Staff -

Initial intro before the song kicked in was MENTAL
- Kelly14UK -

nirvana , the doors , the best of all times ,,
- fred quantik -

smells like boston)))
- Darth Vaper -

I watch this in corona time 2020
- Peter -

best band ever, change my mind... ill wait
- Dimitri Santolis -

Kurt Was Good Voice As Hell!!
- Otto Somyk -

Who watch this in 24/05/2020 00:13 am. Who spirit never die?
- mrGray Fox -

Why can’t we see the crowd?!?!?!
- Tom Dransfield -

Anyone know Donald Marshall? The one who actually created this song?
- Harris Chaudhry -

guitar is nice!! merody is odd ,although
- r skate -

that crowd looks insane
- Mae -

i wish i could’ve seen them live in my life. such a tragedy
- Mae -

The devil's work... go to bed.... it was a gas, sure, but it came at a price.
- terryfriend16 -

My mum and dad where here.... lucky cunts
- Alfie Fairhead -

The smile of Kurt 0:24 - 0:28, knowing the crowd was confused on what strange song they are playing..!
- Cyberdynemechatron -

I love how much hatred there is for this song while he's fucking playing it. Makes it what it is
- PrivateMinus90FTW -

Чет я совсем не понимаю, че там за тема в 01:12 где он как пишут ноты путает?
- L -