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man, Travis was probably the most entertaining guy so far on these rig run downs! Seems like such a chill guy!
- DelScully -

Rebecca is such a good interviewer, knows her gear and the bands she is speaking to. Knows when to listen and when to advance the conversation. She needs to come back
- Veer Chasm -

Just seen these guys at Leeds, with Polyphia as support, both band were sick
- Bubbalubba -

Oh snap! how am I just finding this now?
- KidNato -

Travis just hit some fire sativa before this!
- Anthony Downs -

They both have specific guitars for sentry the defiant that makes sense to me because of just how much that song stands out
- john hold -

Where's the 8 string!
- anthony jones -

Travis is adorably awkward and I love him.
- Adam Osborne -

Why doesn't Claudio bother to say anything?
- Seegh Hyle -

2:50 Claudio's laugh - "Hahaha!"
- YOUPEOPL stl -

Damn - that was great! I love the Rig Rundown. Rebecca is freakin' awesome!! Trav is so freakin cool!
- Trace Martin -

Literally just got done batchin' about wanting to hear about their guitars on True Ugly and FINALLY!
- Aint1S -

Rebecca dirks should be the head interviewer. Perfect questions.
- Jacob Vieira -

Rebecca knows her stuff. Doesn't BS around. Get's us the right info. Good job
- PJ Jackson -

The string spacing is wild looking on the red lp
- Deulicious Mafuka -

If Rebecca was a man would you be saying " darn she keeping questions right without missing a beat"? Grow up douchebag.
- Louis Batsford -

I love Travis
- Josh Michael -

Milo spotting 0:40. Hell yea Descendents!
- John Millan -

It’s so good to see that a female host hasn’t been plonked there just because she looks good. These questions are on point. Don’t mean to sound sexist there, it just seems that a lot of companies make the obvious old school choice of ‘sex sells’ without taking the quality of the discussion into account
- Tom Simpson -

PLEASE UPDATE THIS WITH THE NEW TOUR!! We know they are still running axe fx but, the guitars have changed now! Also, you should do bass and drums, too!!!
- Yaboi Brad -