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Rick Ross sounds like he has xerostomia .
- Kyla Shannon -

I NO Like you you killed by XXXTENTACION
- matheus Silva 04 -
- Women Beauty -

DJ Snake new song Drake
- Ravi Kumar -

Didnt get the ending

Who’s listening in October 2019
- benison emelu -

Drake begginning of fake ass rap :D should get slapped!
- Ernest Torić -

Really love ur music n videos___im a big fan of urs _💖_by the way I'm fr CANADA too)
- Darlene Lane -

Yo drake don’t let people know we’re your grave is bro lol
- Nicholas Kane -

du lourd
- Weeld Francis -

Press this button if Drake is better than lil pump
- 1000 SUBS without Videos challenge please help -

Sickest ever, killed it and conquered! G-shit!! Chess dominated and all check mates! Living life maximum greatness! You know it!!! King Drake big, Rick Ross sickest, and praise be given where it’s due.... Great!!!!!!
- A Muhsin -

My bro really pretty
- KG-K Music - Topic -

My bro really pretty
- KG-K Music - Topic -
- erik vega -

I will return in 1 year, like so I can remember
- Sentimental -

Not 100 on Ross on this one
- Ingrid Lording -

You and your ilk are disgusting. You've been well programmed.
- Snoopy -

Upcoming artist coming out of Chicago can I get some love ❥
- Jae Gatti -

Rick Ross look like James harden a little bit tbh
- Ronaldo Ramirez -