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thuong những ng lính này quá cầu mong cho đất nước bình yên k bao gio co chiến tranh
- Hang Cua -

Prestigious Regiments of WW2 era still going strong
- Subhadeep Tarat -

When the plane goes over superstore in warzone
- kaz9781 -

esay company. dick winters
- Özgür Yoldaş -

I love you USA🇺🇸
- Milena Aleksic -

و يكلك امريكا شلون احتلت العراق دهاك استلم
- ابن الرافدين -

I must say America owns the sky's .
Russians don't do this nor China.
- Crazyhands Hands -

There is also artificial robot's in there too.
- Crazyhands Hands -

1 người lính bảo vệ Tổ Quốc Giang San..có thể Hi sinh....
- Hoang Anh Nguyen -

3:34 "sir there is no parachute in my ba.."

pushes off plane
- TastyTarco -

The landing would have impact on their backs I guess... Pretty hard landing though..
- Rusty Mc5 -

Why do they jump out the side and not out the back?
- john hopkins -

Why is the co-pilot wearing a U.S. flag patch on her left shoulder, and the paras on their right?
- john hopkins -

اوهن من بيوت العنكبوت
- مبارك احمد -

какие замечательные люди хранящие мир от опасности !! всем американцам необходимо уважать таких героев смелых.
- 1-6 05번 김지수 -

Best Military Cargo Plane on the Planet
- Sea Food -

Mau ngumpulin orang Indonesia
- manusia hidup -

Je croyais que c'était un reportage sur les élevage de poulets.
- Senior Tuco -

- Rahmatullah Tullah2009 -