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“Oopps I ment remedy” 😂
- Tony Baze -

- Haiden LaRoe -

I don’t even listen to rich n Kendrick version no more
- RedButtonReadyTv -

Gudda Gudda man!!!!! What a dissapointment! He need to be out there, on god he gas everything he touch! Wayne need to release him, where the fuck is j millz? I mean I get it Gudda eating with Wayne regardless but man get your own wave Gudda!!!
- Chris Cooper -

Wayne always impresses 😍😫
- Saba Yousaf -

Gudda killed it. YoungMoney D6
- iSPY SMG323 -

In hell like how deep does it go. Your daughter just choke for blow must be time to glow. Hard to catch your breath like your win lo
- Kolby Adams -

Man I can't even get pass the beginning of Wayne verse smh 🔥🔥
- Jaleel Hunter -

Dedication 6> carter 5
- Chris Lopez -

I got new hoes I ain't hit yet........
- Rance Harry -

C'mon nobody talks about how crazy Wayne spits on this double mixtape
- Damani Mereday -

- Yehonatan Far -

Up in my bed room hold an assembly they leave feel good PHYSICAL & MENTALLY 😂🐐 LYRICAL GENIUS...
- Mike Macc -

why is no one talking about wayne's no breath?
- Kistary Paul -

“Get out the Chevrolet, hop in the better Wraith I know you see the doors open up like heaven gates”
- Anthony Zaffuto -

Why nodoby talkin about gudda gudda part to
- Evan Vernadakis -

Still fire
- Karleigh Hartman -

I got banned for sharing this on a Instagram lmao!!!!
- marcellas ramos -

Clever ass bars from Wayne . So under rated with his words
- TahitianTreat BabyBatter -

How yall gonna give pump xan 69 yung bans lil skies shit any other 1 i missed any recognition when wayne still bodyin after 20 yrs STILL!!
- Samson Woehler -