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Anybody knows the keys please.
- Ann Rai -

This maori song Lord prayer was written by huia beattie
- Rebecca kuraRautahi Te Ngongotahamaia -

I love it so much
- ze cat -

Its wording is similar to Hawaiian, except for differences in spelling.
- EyeZackZin -

My favourite :-) we use to sing this waiata all the time I so love this !!!!
- Bernadette Whiunui -

- Corey Anderson -

to all the people that disliked it...sorry but, kiss my arse
- Aidan Luap -

- Kawiti Paraha -

Hello I'm I'm kawiti2006 same you
- Kawiti Paraha -

- Kawiti Paraha -

Luv the lord ae
- Carlos kura vlogs -

This is the best
- Waimarie Kerei -

- Christine Willis -

Tino harikoa te nakau ki te whakarongo ki tenei waiata wairua. Ka taea e au te rongo nga wahanga rereki mai te waha o tena o tena kai waiata. Miharo!
- Peter Williamson -

I love your karakia
- Robin Gray -

I love this song
- monique scott -

I listen this and think of those who lost their lives today in Chch and the unexplainable sadness. Moe Mai ra Koutou🌿🌿🌿
- Saadiq Tua -

I remember after 6months in afghanistan we had to hand over kiwi base to the next soldiers coming through to start their deployment, as per usual we greeted them and let our respective CO’s do their korero, and our side only had two songs, when another speaker got up and finished, 6 of us got up and played this waiata ataahua to our fellow brothers and sisters, i saw tears in the CO’s eyes after we finished the waiata karakia.
- shelldrake11 -

- Wiremu Hohaia -

I learnt at church
- Tehiiri Nikora -