This shit is still banging decades later...I remember when he pretended to be dead back in 6th grade
- Daddy Dividends -

- isaiasthe sciencekid -

Is this copy or what u cant see me by cena as in 2003 now its in 2009 a song ?
- leo senepar -

One of the best hip hop songs EVER, 2PAC skills are incomparable and unparalleled.
- Johnathon McMullen -

Cool Cool Jamie RIP 2Pac" you never C" the Pac hahaha Bad ass .....!
- Randy Torrez -

they got me stressed out on death row
- Erin Cruce -

Faite percer LA SQUALLLE
- Moh 951 -

Bro 2pac is in my blood even though i did not grow up seeing him i still feel like i was in the 90s even though i was born in 06'. Still it feels just like yersterday when he got shot but we got to move on but his music is like 2pac in our hearts he is one of the best rappers we have ever seen fuck the other present rappers except outlaws and other all time greats. Honestly rap has changes but it sucks. But like people say things change and you have to live with it no matter what. Thx for hearing me talk and thx for the time you had to read this thankyou adios.
- dead channel pro -

- david loosveldt -

greatest of all time .No debate
- Master yi to CHALLENGER -

I challenge him to a staring contest😏😎
- angelo castillo -

I never get tired of this rap... this is how l feel right now
- Misha Mandudi -

- Edward Griffin -

Im alive mothafucker what u think this was a bitch who know these bitches and hoes like a bic ful of gas tank ready to roll got these chips trippen slippen im steady crippen blood walking through the dark streets witouth flashlighys and sirens my dick ne packed wit cum sack of balls no drugs im west side eightteen southside brokly light without the badboy im the real shout out pdiddy I represent nyc snl live and tupac screening im alive biggie cuz these bitchea cant see me
- Fuckyouimlitpig Thirdibgsh -

Go PAC 4ever..Changed my life over a decade ago..2Pac is the best ever..All eyes on me, ride till I die & old school Brenda's got a baby..& If u wondering yeah, HIT EM' UP
- Josh Forehand -

Man still go in hard as day 1.... 20 yrs later undeniably the best ever...

- Rich Will -

That's epic nigga
- Kristofer Liggett -

- Χρηστάρας -

My jam rite here
- Joshua Camper -