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2019 November 💆?♂️
- Blessings Bob -

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Vous connaissez rien à la musique
Pauvre français
- LaBombasse GDG -

Still playing this
- Pepa de pipo -

Hey shaq hit up 2 pac you cant see me
- Rob Saxe -

- Ken Ciboch -

greatest ever! im a 49 year ole white dude! fuck everybody else!
- Ken Ciboch -

2pac's voice is so unique & unmatchable😳
- Azhaguraja AllinAll -

This is Fucking Awesome song....Cant get enough...
- Tshewang Sherpa -

Snoop doggy doggggg
- filldogzz -

I first heard this song in my dad 96 coop deville before school I was sneaking through his CD case I missed the bus is was 5th grade year. I was hooked on tupac after that. My dad told me I didn’t know what he was talking about and my step mom took all the cds and tapes like too short and naughty by nature. I sneaked around with my walkman scavenging for music in my older brothers and found Mac Dre and Tech N9ne then my uncles showed me Bone thugs and Wu tang clan. I grew into some jay Z and then 50 cent and Twista and Outkast then Kayne and Kid cudi and onto UGK and ZRo Trae and swisher house! Man my childhood had the realest of real! These kids take note!
- Baebee Roo -

Stay up, pimp.
lol lol
That's the name of the game.

Mr. UP
FREE artist: Foreal Pat
- forreal pat -

2019...Thuglife 😎
- Brian Oichoe -

Dr Dre produced this
- James Maisiri -

Madden 2010 Soundtrack
- Real Gutta Music -

Hearts ♥ ni love u2⭐
- Gloria Valles -

Always be a legend
- Adriusneimiah Ellerbee -

Thank you Jesus Buddha Christ Mohamed Guru TUPAC AND BOB MARLEY My Holy Warrior Highest PRINCE OF PEACE 👑✌️MY BIG BROTHER 😳😂
- Ms C -

- \°^°/ -

Heaven must be proud
- Steawart Pereira -

And his name is....
- Coco Yepyep -