I would give my house, my kids and my thankless wife away, if Trent ever, ever walk away from Lfc
- ไมค์ ไมค์ -

Currently walking through a field in Dorset , england listening to the rest of the stream
- RED Hulk -

Hi Craig, missed watching the live stream, so this comment might be late however Just wanted to say that I admire your honesty and no-nonsense attitude. Traits that rare and refreshing. Great stuff, keep it up 👍🏼
- Sara Ahmed -

Trent is a Liverpool boy no way he would ever leave like Carra or how it should have been with Steven Gerrard if not for Brendan Rodgers
- Corey Peters -

Just watched the stream back, some strange live comments tonight , hope everyone is doing great 👍🏻UP THE 6 TIMES EUROPEAN WINNING MOTHERFUCKING REDS 🥳 😃
- RED Hulk -

Ur a sick guy you la. 👍fuck all them nobheads Craig. always be urself because an original will always b worth more than a copy😎.glad u told him to fuck off m8.keep up the fantastic work with the rest of your team of course. I'm always watching,just always too busy to get in the chat so I listen while doin me chores haha me birds got me whipped lad 😂😂
- Sean Malloy -

P.s loved your little rant at 28min😂😂😂😂😅🤬🤣🤣
- a Cat -

Don bell end can suck my bell end and they can fuck off
- a Cat -