We hope we can do a lot better that 200,000? WHAT?? It sounds like they are expecting to take out a LOT of people.
- Harvest Workers -

These people are all telling us what exactly they are going to do to all of us and it's NOT good.
- Harvest Workers -

This woman is practically smiling throughout her whole speech.
- Harvest Workers -

Wow!! Really?! What a leader!.... NOT!!! Too little too late...
- Di Green -

"By the time you see it your too late"- this speaks the failure of the administration, when the administration first saw the first case in US- the administration brushed it off and did nothing, you missed your chance to do right by US, just playing catch up now but at the cost of US people lives.
- Jill -

Trump is always working hard! And these briefings give you a better perspective on his work ethic. That's why they are suddenly not showing his briefings
- Marianne Nowottny -

Wow - Trump wants to congratulate himself for doing better than NOTHING. OMG
- Not2hip Universal Enterprises -

He sure sure talks out of two sides of his mouth. He says "I'm not negative" but he's so quick to refer back to how he swears things were before he came into office. Essentially blaming Obama. He's just a double-talker.
- Katrina Cz -

Thumbs down to source.
- Dara Cue -

As soon as the slides are gone you lose audio AND pan out? Hilarious! We're supposed to trust you?
- Dara Cue -

Your film crew needs training. Either they are intentionally blocking the slides or they haven't figured out how to capture what is important.
- Dara Cue -

Where can we see these slides or graphs of each state?
- H Ann Murdoch -