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- Isidor Maker -

This song could raise the dead

- gitup81 -

nem imaginava que alguém colocaria esta banda no ar...vlw
- Ettore Oliveira -

Real music, real People.... I miss You both
- Gokhan Usta -

Wait for the ricochet.....
- Steve Ellis900 -

Mark2 at their GOAT rock group best. They created their own genre with this monumental album. A genre of which only they ever played. It was a miracle these 5 ended up together in the first place and they became both the greatest and saddest story in rock.
- nobodyaskedbut -

- Erika Weidner -

Child ♥️2019
- elanit Perez -

Women may come, women go, shit happens. Such is life (or mot)
- Simon Broberg -

great amazing awesome
- tar kora -

0:44 st
0:00 rit
- F -

Not my proudest fap.
- Invenum -

Best intro of all times!
- MrDrobzz -

Playing this on vinyl, the way it should fkg be
- Dominique SanMagana -

- Capek Comunicación Global y Estrategia -

tout mon ado quel bon souvenir
- pascal grenier -

*** ** ***
- artino06 -

This song makes Stairway to Heaven and Led Zeppelin as a whole look like chumps
- jeremy leal -

Wish there was more lyrics that singing is fantastic not to mention the rest of the band
- Harrold Matthias -