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Jj should of kept the braids
- Esha Hussain -

Who's here rewatching KSI bc he doesn't upload enough?? like
- CJ Everyday Gaming, fun -

Oo wassup wassup niga
- Rasmus Hyppönen -

Oo wassup wassup niha
- Rasmus Hyppönen -

Jj is just such an inspiration to me hands down
- Gerard Menezes -

I don’t like when people just be coming at u for no reason
- #PinkPanda squad -

5:26 AND S-X
- Michael Bokkenheuser -

I just realised me and jj have the same middle name my brudda
- Kyran Geexer -

ksi winner
- Abdurrahman Acar -

U both are very funny
- Bonkers DiY -

JJ you are the best black for life🙇🏿?♂️👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿United States you won Logan lost hahaha he lost he is sad like a cow
- Jazmine Whomes -

- Jacob Armstrong -

My dude you did hella good I was freaking screaming when I heard you won. I was literally almost crying of excitement. Like bruh you kicked his a**.
- Emma Isol -

dove sono le tue guardie del corpo ? paiass
- MrFerraristadoc -

Anner downs xx
- Scarey Carey -

So what logan is white
- Sektor 5 gaming -

you look beaten up
- taner horoz -

Who else new that ksi was gonna win ksi is beat he will become the new mawether 👊
- KING Wisdom -

KSI you sssssssssuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkk login is better than you
- Jennifer Doughty -

Honestly it would of be a tie if Logan didn’t get 2 points away
- DizzyVex_YTalt -