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Oil likes to be thrown towards stuff: wolves, flames etc.
- Delete! Delete! -

This song makes me feel so powerful I love it already even though it’s my first time listening
- Nora Schuurmans -

Крутая песня
- big sog -

mr oli should grow his hair again
- bot alex -

0:39 is probably the most intense keyboard note ever pressed
- Levi Gould -

This band is great yet what you all don't know is they sampled
Linkin Park Faint on throne,they need to learn how to write there own music samples.Fuck todays f
Music industry they are a bunch of theaves.
- The Maverick S -

Star wars force unleashed 2
- fat boi tha kid -

From Japan!! 🇯🇵
the best rock band ever!!
- 陸奥宗光Official YouTube Channel -

This music video got there special effects straight from True Detective, and I love it!
- Tucker Youngquist -

I miss this Bring Me The Horizon, extraño este estilo de Bring Me The Horizon.
- MichaelPR -

Sounds like Linkin Park
- blandy rado -

Linkin Park Influence here... love it.
- Grace Love -

- a priori -

Great music like this being killed of by the fucking haters .
- Donovan & Tara York -

this video is very similar to a skillet music video.
- Awol The Dragon -

Anyone here after parasite eve

The song not game
- Rushifā the sergal -

i love olive! <3
- Farhan Arrasyid -

My thought exactly
- Holly Ellis -

Holy shit i love this sm
- Jessi -

Who’s the girl
- Chris Armstrong -