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- Francesco Bondini -

Rosemary you're part of me!
- Vanellope Von Schweetz -

Great song.
- Nigel Black -

‘Truth ain’t gonna change the way you lie’

Well I ain’t gonna lie that this is one of the foo’s best songs
- Euan Jones -

Steady as she goes
- BottleFlower Seeds -

Great song 😍
- Rose -

If my ex ever texts me. Im sending a link to this song, lol just for the lying bit and the ending
- Crazy Gamer -

Recently went to a foo fighters concert, it sucks they didn’t play this one 😢
- Isis Ryan -

"Steady as she goes" sounds alike the first part
- Allan Sanchez -

By far their greatest song, better than I'll Stick Around. If they could come up with even one more song even half as good, I might stop saying Foos Fucking Suck! This tune kills.
- Paul Hutchinson -

Rosemary that i used to know
- jessica mariana -

the lyrics at the first two lines actually like 'Breed' by nirvana
- Copy Cat -

My name is rosemary
- Felipe 100 -

A melhor música do álbum
- Breno Oliveira -

3:07 its meant to be "this was no ordinary life" and then the second time its "this was no ordinary lie"
- Ed Jones -

Does this song was aimed to France's grandma Rosemary Carroll?
- Topsy Kreets -

The most underrated song of Foo Fighters
- Santino Weidmann -

Steady as she goes
- hvidhajen -

Vim ouvir essa maravilhosa por causa do mashup que a Scalene fez de Rosemary + Somebody that I used to know <3
- João Oliveira -

minha vida sem foo fighters é uma porra
- Ninguem Liga -