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This is my favorite song and yes i am jesus your lord and savior. You all christian.
- Animesh Pathak -

i love this song so much and it feels so weird hearing my name in it.
- Rosemary Valenzuela -

Right on queue/cue?

Mannn, what a songggggggg!!!
- Daniela García -

- Yeeah alotoffun -

This song is at least a masterpiece
- Kevin Savard -

The Raconteurs played this same beat on "Steady As She Goes" 5 years before this was released...
- FoneTone -

Epic, and timeless btw
- Doug Smith -

- Killadeion 213 -

Sounds like slipknot
- Felipe Camilotti -

Rosemary Carroll
- Andreas Leon Landgren -

I believe this song fueled some of my husbands resentments toward me before we got married lol we’re good now haha good song 👍🏾
- Rose Opinya -

"Dear Rosemary, I know we havent been on the same page, and I dont blame you, if you ever read this, just know even in my end, you was the only thing on my mind, the one I loved is the one I lost. I can't live knowing that I dont have a place in your heart, even as a friend. I came off too much, and blew any chance i had, to have a future with you. Whenever you get to read this, it'll be too late, that time will be marked on my wrist. Love, Ryan. I wish you the best in the life you choose, all i wanted was to be with you.
- Satan Revenue -

She is she she is
- Just Bbb -

my ex
- sami pistool -

"Cue" please, and English is not my mother tongue.
- megazeko -

I just cant stop listening to this song, i fucking love it!!!!!
- José Canseco -

Hey granttt
- Tyler -

Bob's influence is all over this track.
- airjulio -

Yeah... 😊
- Gonzi Steve -