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- Ǝ V I L Æ S T H Ǝ T I C -

You didnt include "Holidays" horror collection
- KrappyDaKlownJr. -

Dark trap ? HAahhaahahhahahaahahahHAHAHAAHAhAHAH el gato de mi perfil tiene mas obscuridad que esto.
- Fenrir Kato -

I can recognize beauty when I see it.
- B M -

Saw the new merch.
Getting the homer sweat for work.
Big fan

35 excelents minutes
- Asimismo MC -

do acid then watch this
- Mcdicks -

check this out guys :D wicked stuff*---*
- Yumi Akuma -

brutal. I like it
- Drew Millett -

26:44 (the maxresdefault/click-bait) correspond to a frame of the movie "Evil Dead" (2013)
- AlitaiZdog -

Damnn like if you feelin da heat!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥
- Jake H -

What is the track at 34.11?
- Thing -

at 34:13 it would have been even better if the females with the black eyes had sharp teeth and were frowning. it would have been awesome if they had large tongues too. its much more scary. I do not know why but the thought is turns me on. is there something wrong with me? lol XD
- Thing -

Tales from the Darkside, that's my show when i was younger.
- Jacob Holliday -

34:13 what cartoon is that from?
- Thing -

Check out my top 5 dark trap songs, be sure to subscribe and like the video for more content.
- Mane Beatz -

After 420
- 420_Daniel -

Now this is fuckin fire bro👊
- Lil Dan -

Garbage Pail Kids..... That shit would be hard asf...
- Righteous One -

I got a Request... Do a "Garbage Pail kids" version...
- Righteous One -