Hey friend a mexican program call " La Rosa de Guadalupe " is using your song in their program in all their chapters without your permission
- Luis Ramirez -

OMG soo goodAnd I am only 3 secs in!
- Alex St. Nelson -

Doe even blauwe duimpje omhoog als je van Armoowasright komt +1
- Saban Gumus -

nice work!
- Knapserl -

- You’re Just Childish -

Thank you sooo much~! I will put the link of your channel on my channel :D when I use this music! Thanks again~ :)
- Sweetpea -

I've used it and gave you full credit at the end of the video - thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent here with us and your kindness in sharing.
- Maraandg -

- aaandjo -

Can I just put your channel name in the description of a video I use this music in?
- Entyarr -

Great song, Hopefully people will see the link in the description of videos and find you
- Flinter -

Thanks Mattia!!!
- RishyCup TV -

oh JOY! this is truly awesome music and I would LOVE to use this in an upcoming project. Will definitely credit you (and links). Anything else i need to know to know?
- RishyCup TV -

This is great, I have been looking for a song to put in my trailer and this is the best one. Thanks.
- ZenFalafel -

I Will use this song and i will give lead a link to your channel 
- Tipzeh™ -

is this good for youtube videos?
- Docta Afrikan -

Amazing. I love it how it begins with that strong effect, and the image connected with the music. Very well done. (^_^)
- Dani-Me -

Very Nice!
- Silentwisher -