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12 handkerchiefs in his jeans is 12 followers. I got 12 followers right now... See his tail . 🐱 his tail is his follower... See i got tail too 🐱...
- crip records -

I got 12 followers
- crip records -

My product (♣♦♠β™₯) have trust...your product have nothing.
- crip records -

TREY is a 3 in ♣♠♦β™₯🎲 if you not that... You not TREY at all.. I'm TREY ... I'm sure I'm the one...
- crip records -

Live my life as a product (πŸŽ²β™¦β™ β™₯♣) that nigga is TREY...
- crip records -

That's that thug....
- crip records -

Whos still listenin in December 2019 ad forward!!!!!!?????????
- Goku Black -

- Boysie Caison -

Goat 🐐 Goat 🐐!!!
- Lorenzo Smith -

I remember young hearing this when it dropped still πŸ”₯ in any era dam pac what the game be like if you was here
- Anthony Carter -

Listening to fat beats thank you youtube
- Adamknibbs0000 Nibz -

- NIKCO Rucker -

I wish Satan would had let Tupac n puffy fight
- King Sports -

Every time Diddy post on the gram I give him a pac verse that was directed at him... Haunt his ass...
- Tony Dwayne -

One of the best diss tracks ever... even in 2019/2020
- sedgli slim -

Pac didn’t ever mention Big in this song! Pac never said Big got him shot his issue with Big was big didn’t keep it solid with him after he got shot! R I P Tupac the goat of rap
- Justin coffey -

Trump it a bitchy fuck muthafucka Trump
- Bogdan Sorin Burlacu -

pac was possessed in 96...he had no mercy
- Thulsa Doom -

Big Gene Interviews Brought Me Here πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ€žπŸΎβœŠπŸΎ
- Villy B -

Damn PAC was a brilliant storyteller
- Shenna Rice -