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This track wasn't supposed to be on this album and wasn't meant to be heard . Him and Nas ran into each other and hashed this out. Jungle almost lit pac up and Nas stopped it. Asked pac about this and pac bein pac was like yeah nigga I said it and what ? I heard you said and Nas was like nah I would never say that were supposed to be brothers . After s convo pac said he was gonna take it off the album but he was "killed" or so they say .
- King Beeris -

This song gives me motivation.
- Doug Diaz -

Went in on my nigga NAS the hardest smh lol
- Abdul Bey T.V. -

Just classic
- Rasheem Foster -

Heyy u lights stumble i dont rumble real light always see and always i be humble
- cantgetright jah -

Nas or mobb sleep could not see PAC he Killed the east coast by his self damn

This song could go platinum today against all odds bc nobody selling music anymore
- Nate88 -

Ain’t hard to find my fav.
- Ronald Dre-Gan -

One love. One nation. -Pac
- John Doe -

8.3M views, pac still a G!!! Yall young fools cant even relate
- John Doe -

This was ja diss 50 and M did. So how pac rapping if he dead?
- John Doe -

- Merdice Howell -

- Delonte Grooms -

- Vxtra -

Gab bought me here shout out to makaveli media
- juicy lipz -

Pac was all gas no brakes in 96 he had no mercy for his enemies
- D money -

What is that sound in the beginning of the song been woundering for years
- D money -

The shyt that this man just spoke in that song speaks volumes.... I never heard a rap artist have so much passion and insight into the shyt he said....
- Deandra Patterson -

The song I play right before quit every job ever had 1😑
- Keith Lawrence -

Top 5 best diss songs ever