From time to time, when I am frustrated of doing all database stuff on my Mac without any proper GUI support or via MS Access running on Parallels, I am trying to get an overview of Filemaker. But every time I try to get an overview of FM, I only find videos like this that are addressed to people that are not interested in IT technology. Comparisons to Home Depot are awkward to anyone familiar with database systems. It seems to be impossible to find technical information about FM - even FM's technical overviews only promote things that you can do with it but now how - or they are self-referential in that they use FileMaker jargon that only people familiar with FileMaker unterstand. There is so much idiosyncratic jargon around FM. Is there anywhere information available to inform people familiar with IT technology about FM? What are its database capabilities, what are its GUI capabilities, what are its scripting capabilities if any (and what languages can one use)? Does it talk SQL? Can I access it from the shell (e.g. is there something like Oracle's SQL Plus?). Can I connect via JDBC or ODBC to Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL databases? Is there an API that one can interface to from Python oder from Swift (I've read that it supports ODBC), what are typical sizes of the database and how do you scale when it's necessary? Well, anyway - this is another video that confirms my impression that FileMaker is not intended for programmers, but only for users... Seems I'll stick with MS Access running in Parallels.
- Andi Kleve -

Answer for the lazy: Its a DB with a GUI.
- ecstasyofgold888 -

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