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Tink you 👍👍👍,you are COOL 😎😎😎
- Fares Ait -

He loves the the pussy 😂 just like me
- Corey King -

Where the heck is the elder kai i just watched a video on a walkthrough and it shows him in a spot wherei. Went to hes not there but this is unrelated to the video but i left after beating monkey vegeta and nappa and then had to leave and hes not here
- Baby Tim -

I did this part it was really hard i slept for a day with the ps4 on amd he was still doing the ritual i slept again and it finally finished
- NCLN No Commentary Livestream Network -

I dont even know wherry did he bring chi chi clothes
- Black Purple -

How i need DLC pac #3 to find him
- Goku Super god blue form -

Elder Kai:bring 2 super cute gals
Me:brings 2 fat majin buus

I saw him and FREAKED OUT then he bro,e my spirit saying you must be level 80 for this I was like WHAT THE ,HHDBJ,HDBS

what button you press
Tell me
- mamina am -

I wish i be strong lile you my level is 77 i am a brat eats a cat
- Goku Super god blue form -

What lv do you have to be
- Gracie Bertoli -

Heh heh heeeh
- Lunatic_o -

Jayden so cool 0:45
Chrissy so cool to 3:06
There all I see and yea
- Star -

Do i need a specific level for him to show up
- José Guilherme -

Also I was his student, but when I finally got to the final training he said I needed to be lvl 93! I was lvl 85...
So I need one more dragon ball so I can ask him to raise my lvl. Well if he can even do that.
- supreme.dreams55☁️ -

How would an acrosian even use the bathroom?
- supreme.dreams55☁️ -

do you have to be in a group with other players characters or can you do it with say 18 and towa or videl?
- kotormaster1975 -

- that guy in the comments yup -

Lol I found gotenks
- Communist Party -

The hardest mentor in all xenoverse, Zamasu quests seems like a joke compere tho this especially leveling 8 levels from 85 to 93.
- bacd 1990 -