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when I was younger I used to watch this hiiiiiiigh as a motherf*cker hahahaha and now I'm stoned and I still love it! 420 for ever and Hi from Mexico. Weed lovers like me can follow me in instagram @cosmic.rainbow_08 LOVE Nora.
- Nora Marcela MJ -

extra strength weed oil!
we call that a joint!
- Kasper -

"its the drugs" y'all dumb as fuck. blockheads silly ass probably gets a kick from all the comments saying it comes from the drugs. dude doesnt even like to smoke weed. you guys just wouldn't understand because youre simple as fuck, and not a creator. so you just think "oh its the drugs bro... acid man....dmt did this" laughable
- Isaiah Oeding -

groovy, baby.
- 『ᴍᴇᴍᴇʀɪɴᴏ』ゴゴ -

The fuck is this? The fuck is that? The fuck are those?
- TheGingerBeardMan -

The guitar part reminded me of Omar Khorshid style
- black rain -

Why a giraffe tho
- Judith Robson -

I interpreted this as the deer was our true self's or our souls while the TV was social norms and society's influence while the human was our egos! It was enlightening to me lol
- william peterson -

This video clip was released in 2010,sadly i just found it nine years later :',-(
- grumpy god -

Why have you copyright claiemd my video? Are you retarded?
- AliveForMusic -

it's a robot trying to find a purpose after humanity died so it tried to transform animals into humans but humans were too complicated so it failed and without humans it rusted and "died"
- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation -

3.2k people weren’t high enough to appreciate this
- SethBringsDeath -

Blink, and you'll miss it.

Absolutely legendary.
- Poi -

- эшкэрх -

Dang. Rewatching this video on acid is like seeing a whole world of detail that I was blind to while watching it the first time.
- IAN 4000 -

It`s about humanity emerging in to machines by their own will and got trapped forever right? Really like to hear everyones opinion on this
- En-Haluu Omaa-Nimee -

1:46 mi cara cuando veo tanta genialidad junta 😀
- Alex Blitz -

ThIs think kills animals but There not interesed but There are animals and this thing created human and human should watch this typie of porn, clickbaits and other when human dont creates Technology the wolrd still natural
- Mati Wójcik lubię tost -

The fact that this music video still stands to its truth today is scary.

- Charmaine Balansag -