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i didn't know tame impala sounds like this fun
- Adintya Annasai Dhia Kharisma -

There’s a huge difference watching this sober vs. high
- • Páïgè • -

Out of my space
- Dnople Gohi -

9 gag brought you here XD

HOLY SHIT yo the monkey is so cool bro i’m on shrooms rn this is sick
- Tre Medz -

Play in 0.5 the speed. Thank me later
- Ali jabbari -

i watch this ever time I'm high and this trips me off ...I love this stuff
- Francis Kimathi -

dude when you think about it, this videos ultimate ending is rather hopefull for the entertainment industry. when giant media corporations like that of shown in the video fall, some form of entertainment is still out there(the deer in the last seconds.
- mericovski • -

Is this what u see when I take drugs?
- RMPM27 -

I realllyl laike thus
- This IndieLover -

- Shawn Maness -

I'm told I should be high for this, not sure I need to.
- Transmissional -

This Coco Pops!
- Pure Cinnamon -

Sorta reminds me of Tame Impala
- prince -

10 Years Ago.....
- [Prod. Dotaki.] -

this video literally makes makes it feel like the room is spinning if im extremely high.
- undial -

this video is a huge bruh moment
- Davi Carvalho -

Wtf am I ???
- Evan Lawrence -

Something about these artsy really-well-animated music videos invokes a really... feverish feeling. I don't know how to describe it. Know how when you're sick and having difficulty making sense of something normal? That's what these feel like, but in reverse order.
- PsychoJosh -

I’m having butter fingers for dinner
- Dmv D -