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That’s the Rabbit Hole you fall into after finding its too late because what put you there is what we call a joint.
- Anthony Ambartsoumian -

Wow... saturday morning cartoons have changed a lot since I was a kid.
- fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass -

Un viaje bien perro rico
- Dhilan Heer -

When your thinking about life
- Demenos Demenos -

who said you needed drugs to go on a trip
- Conner Miracle -

6969th comment
- Cb Games -

다른사람거 도용하지마세요
- 배경민 -

I keep returning to this video every couple years and I still have new revelations every time I watch it. Truly an artistic masterpiece.
- dizzytiffany02 -

Does anybody remember when this first showed up on Adult Swim
- Austin Henson -

I think I need more pharmaceuticals to understand this
- The girl who can’t game -

Marihuana mode :v
- ItsLuxyStyles -

Best part
- Nimbus_kid -

- эшкэрх -

A critique of consumerism
- Amit Pandey -

I don’t know why but the deer gives me major Pandora vibes. Like the media is sort of like Pandora’s box.
- MonkeyblueCheese -

I understand
- Jacob Mamiye -

No jokes, I think this is still one of the most formative pieces of music video animation out here on youtube, till this day?? I'm glad I get to watch it again (:
- Tosca -

Hope is the most precious thing in our lives. It allows us to go on even though we and our world have an expiration date. Nothing is futile when you have hope.
- MonkeyblueCheese -

This video made me depressed for some reason. I cried in the end.
- MonkeyblueCheese -

The dislikes are from the PETA fans
- Rick Sanchez -