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Why is there someone else playing a piano in one shot?
- Tom Moorcroft -

Elton at his very best.
- Terry Andrews -

I didn't recognize Elton, w/o his glasses.
- TheSouthernerWithAdhd -

This is probably my favorite version of this song. The way it’s sang mixed with the live instruments matches the energy of the song well. Not to mention Elton looks great in what he’s wearing!
- Kristopher Adams -

The camera guy. Only goes Elton and the
- John Menyhard -

I was at this concert...... It was freakin` hot and humid..... But no one seemed to care because Elton and the band was so damn COOL !!!!!
- Dave Hanson -

Legend Song
- Tepkisiz -

Doppelganger Les Pauls, huh?
- lessevdoolbretsim -

Dee murray ... so good
- Romain Dupuy -

Hermosa cancion
- freedy mercury leyenda -

Elton 😚
- freedy mercury leyenda -

- Geordie InCA -

There should be a piano gang




- Zaf Vlogs and gaming -

"Legal fighting areas are located where? And there opened on Saturday Nights?"
--Herding Bulls on Saddleback
Enjoying The Pride of the Offensive Military & Defensive Cops
Scenic with the Sailor Perspective Dan+I+El

IsH with 8i8r8, S and it’s mirror image laid on top
With Hindu-Arabic Numbers, X centered in 8 & 24 letter in Alphabet
All Human Names have an X chromosome, the Y chromosome perspective is different?

LIon enjoying the North Star & Sunrise Dens
Along with the Sunset Island
I, El Bullfighter in the Pit & Alta (Spanish fem. “stop”?) North Star Cathedral
IngLiSh it
Sea the similarity with the pattern of Denmark & Portugal with Spain & Germany?

Vikings (6 kings with Roman Numerals?) moved St. Nicholas Bones
from the lands known as Turkey today to Catholic Italy,
so there is respect shown instead of disrespect AND people visiting would be safe.
catHOlic tHOr nicHOlas
- Brandon W Nicholas -

guy's a ledge
- Nicholas Sohacki -

Here is my secret : when an energetic song has a tempo over 150 BPM, it's a powerfull cure against deep sadness. Enjoy. ;)
- Dracula -

Wednesday Wednesday
- Regan Mackness -

Who’s watching this in a Saturday
- Galil Alexandro -

- Pungence fan Anderson -

New song today Saturday nights alright for fighting
- douglas hagan -